(Türkçe) Bağlantı Bilimi

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Soru: Bağlantı bilimi nerede kullanılır? Cevap:Bağlantı olan heryerde… Vücudumuzdaki hücreler birbirleri ile bağlantılıdır, İnsanlar birbirlerini tanır ve birbirleri ile bağlantılıdır, terör örgütleri birer bağlantıdır tabii ki internet tek başına incelenmesi gereken bir bağlantıdır, salgın hastalıklar bağlantılarla yayılır, bir ideolojinin yayılması, şirkenizi içerisindeki know-how’ın dağıtılması bağlantılarla gerçekleşir. Peki her bağlantı ölçek ve yapı açısından aynı mıdır? Ne tür bağlantılar vardır? Bir olguyu yaymak ve ya yayılmasını önlemek için neler yapmalıdır?
Bağlantılar temel olarak Rastgele (Gelişigüzel) ve ölçeksiz olarak ikiye ayrılır.

İlk bağlantı bilimini inceleyen matematikçiler (Erdös ve Renyi) bağlantıların gelişi güzel oluştuğunu, şebekedeki her öğenin genelde eşit sayıda bağlantısı olduğunu varsaymıştır.

Gelişigüzel Şebekeleri yıkmak çok daha zordur. Kritik göbekleri yoktur. Ortadan kaldırdığınızda tüm şebekeyi çökertecek bir yapısı yoktur. Terör örgütleri genelde bu şekilde örgütlenir. kim olursa olsun içlerinden en kritik öbek de kaybolsa şebekenin ayakta kalmasını sağlar.
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How to Earn More Money from Adsense? – Expensive Keywords

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You set up your web site, and your application to Google Adsense program has been approved.   So what do you do now?  Are you going to watch the increase of your wealth after you have added your Google Adsense code?  If this is your plan is, you can expect to wait for a long time for your income to increase at a satisfactory level.


So what else can we do? First of all, a bit to talk about how AdSense works. Google AdSense program allows you to publish ads on your page, so where the ads come from? These ads come from advertisers through the Google Adwords account.  Each ad is published by matching the advertisers’ keywords with the keywords determined in the publisher web site. For more detail you may review my post  “Effective Use of Google Adwords and SEM“.  For example, a company that sells sports equipment through Adwords ad sets keywords as  “sports”, “football”, “strip”, “cheapest”.   The cost of clicking tha ads vary according to their search frequency of keywords.  As the popular keywords cost more to the advertiser you earn more money as the publisher of the ads.


You published an article about football equipment which is appropriate to publish the ads for the sports equipment company that we mentioned above. If you choose the right keywords in your page you will have more chance to earn more from the click of the ad.  So, What are these keywords and how to choose them?

Although Google Adwords is a specific site for advertisers, it provides useful tools for Adsense Ad publishers.  To find the right keywords on Google Adwords click “Traffic Estimator” item under “Reporting and Tools” menu item. This report provides you the estimated cost per click (CPC) for the keywords you entered. Synonymous keywords you chose for the same content may change your income dramatically. Going through our example, the “lowest price” and “cheapest” keywords may not have much differences on the meaning, but they have a serious difference in the perception of Adsense.  Below you can see the estimate of traffic for each keyword. Click on image to enlarge. Before using this tool, “Locations” and “Languages” options is very important to be set as desired.


As in the report “cheapset” keyword serach count (30.400.000 search per month) is about 15 times of “lowest price” keyword.  People are looking for the “cheapest”, not the “lowest price”.   You can provide advantage from this density difference.  CPC  (Cost per click) for the keyword “cheapest” is more than 5 times of  CPC of “lowest price”.  In this case using “cheapest” keyword instead of “lowest price” for your post, will facilitate to find your site in Google searches and at the same time you will earn 5 times more as your ad click.

Two things to notice her are; you should not use unrelated keywords with your site just because they are expensive.  This misuse will be detected by Google  and also you will be publishing ads which your target segment (your visitors) are not interested in.  This case reduces your CTR (Click Through Rate) and the cause of thi is;  Google publishes cheaper keyword Adsense Ads in the sites which as lower CTR’s.   Also web sites with higher CTR will have chance to display ads which can be earned more from.   Increasing your CTR will give you the right to display more profitable Ads and you will earn more from the same one click of ad.

Abundant earnings…

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How to Prepare Dynamic e-Commerce Business Plan

Although the title of my article points to e-Commerce, the techniques that is mentioned here can be used in any sector on any platforms. e-Commerce is used to explain better with the following example.

You may find countless business plans and templates on internet for your ebterprise and they are very easy to adapt for you. But there is a basic problem on those plans. They are static plans. They are not dynamic and cannot be easily modified when some factors change. As usual on this blog you will be reading the subjects that you cannot easily find on internet or other media. So some static and classic subjects will not be explained here. Business Plan has 2 important components;

1. Don’t let the Templates to limit you plan: Business plan is not prepared for entrepreneurs to feel good about themselves. Plans must be checked during all the progress. Convenience to plan and the distance to targets must be measured periodically. At the same time plans can be revised an uptaded easily to adapt in change of all factors like marketing budget, inflation, product profit margin etc.

2. To gain this flexibility and to watch the change in balace sheet, ROI, break-even point, the plan must be simulated.

Don’t let the word “simulation” scare you. A mid-level Microsoft Excel knowledge is enough to simulate. Now let’s get to action…

Let’s say that you want to build an e-Comerce site to sell book. You want to make a projection ofincome statement for 2 years. You want to get the maximum profit by using you budget effectively. We need to define some parameters for the simulation.

1. Average Cost of keywords that you will use for your site in an Ad Campaign (ie. google Adwords) like “Book”, “E-Book”, “novel”, “publish”. Let’s say that it is $0,30

2. CTR (Click Through Rate): Measures the efficiency of the links and ads of your site. It is the click count divided by the count of links shown by link exchange, ad or twitter etc.

3. Conversion Rate : The percentage of your visitor who takes the actions that you want (signing up or shopping) in your site. Let’s assume that 2% of your visitors shop, who visit your site by clicking your ad. Conversion rate is determined seperately for all of your channel like, ad, search engine, twitter, direct visitors etc.

4. Average shopping profit. For our example lets say that shoppers spend 50$ for one single order.

5. Profit margin of products. For our example let’s say taht net profit margin of book is %30, DVD %10, Music CD %10 and e-book %50.

6. The portion of products in aggregate sale. For our example let’s assume that 70% of our sales comes from books, 15 % comes from DVD, 10% from Music CD and 5 percent comes from e-books.

You defined your parameters now ley’s create our simulation excel.

First Traffic Sources;



e-Commerce Business Plan


We decided to use the traffic sources mentioned in the above table. We set the values of first 4 parameters and formulate it in excel. By this way we can see the effect of increasing & decreasing marketing budget to our sales and also the effect of twitter follower count to our sales. We can create our predicted income statement by changing the parameters in time.

Now let’s take a look at the product category distribution of sales.


Product Categories eCommerce Business Plan


The profit gained from the previos traffic table will be distributed to product categories. We can get the cost of product and sales income by formulizing net profit margin.

Other monthly expenditure is placed in the monthly income statement.

So for January 2010 our income statement turns out like this;

Income Statement e- Commerce Business Plan

This example is prepared fot 1 month. 6 Month , 1 or 2 year of prediction can be made to calculate the break-even point of your business.

eCommerce Business Plan Breakeven


Determined parameters can be changed in time by your experience to make more realistic projection for your business. You may give more accurate answers to questions like “How does my income effected if / i change my marketing budget / i increase my twitter followers / i increase my blog subscribers”. Or you may decide product that you have to focus on.

The full excel to help you take very strategic decision can be gained from me totally free. (You don’t need to answer any questions, fill a form or answer a poll, totally efforless hust mail your request to me with any questions you want to ask.)

e-mail :mehmetguzel35@gmail.com

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Effective Use of Google Adwords and SEM

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The most commonly used methods of Internet marketing is “Search Engine Marketing”, and this method is the most widely used in the Google Adwords system. I would like to emphasize a point that to use your marketing budget effectively.


Google Adwords için hazırlanmış tamamen ücretsiz “Conversion Tracking Tool” sayesinde, adwords aracılığı ile sayfanıza gelen ziyaretçilerin sayfanıza üye olma, sayfanızdan alışveriş yapma oranlarını takip edebilirsiniz. Bu oran sizin “Conversion Rate” inizdir. Reklamlarınız için CTR ve Conversion Rate çarpımından çıkan rakam sizin adwords reklamınızın etkinliğini çok daha net ifade eder.


CTR (Click Through Rate) Misleads! : It would be mislieading using only CTR to measure the advertising effectiveness. For a more effective evaluation you must consider the visitors’ actions during their visit who came to your site by clicking your ad. By the help of “Conversion Tracking Tool” (that is prepared for Adwords) you can track the rate of sign-up or shopping actions of your visitors. This rate is your “Conversion Rate”. Buy multiplying the CTR of your ads and your conversion rate you can see the effectiveness of your ads more clearly.



Birden çok reklam oluşturarak ve reklamlarınızı zamanlama ve süre olarak homojen yayınlamanız durumda ilgili çarpanları kıyaslayarak en etkin reklam kampanyanıza karar verebilirsiniz. Hangi reklamları kullanmamanız gerektiğini hangilerine daha çok yatırım yapmanız gerektiğini belirleyebilirsiniz.

By creating multiple Ad Campaigns and


DİKKAT!!! : Google Adwords sizin için reklamları bu anlamda optimize ettiğini iddia eder ve default olarak Kampanya Ayarlarının altında bulunan Optimize (bknz. Aşağıdaki resim) ayarı açıktır. Bu ayarı “Rotate” olarak değiştirin.

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Time Management

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We usually complain about lack of time in worplace and in our social life. Time management doesn’t “give” you extra time, it does not increase your day to 30 hours, but it guides you to use your limited source (time) more effectively. Actually time is your most valuable asset (and it is free), you cnnot stock or reuse it for this reason this value must be consumed with a plan.

The Enemies of Time Management;

Postponing the work that you don’t want to do : Some work is not much fun to do, so these work is usualy postponed and never done.

Not Saying “No” : For not rejecting or not bargining on due date of any task leads you to work with over capacity and negatively effects your mid and long term work.

– Not Planning : Not scheduling current work with a logical way may effect the important work in a negative way.

– Working Without Goal : It willgive you an extra motivation to be aware of the gainings of your work for the company. If you cannot reach any information about the gaining you may order you a dessert or reward the ones who completed the work.

Grouping your work in Urgent / Important Matrix will help you give the deserved amout of time for your tasks.


1. Urgent and Important Jobs : Usually we spend most of our time for the jobs int this cell. Jobs that are assigned at the last minute, unplanned jobs paralell to the personal or corporate goals may be considered as urgent and important. Also if you start to work on an important and postponed job very near to due date, this job also takes place in this cell. So the amount of work in this cell is under your control.

2. Important Jobs that are not Urgent : Working for an exam that we will take ina a few months is an example for this kind of job. The biggest mistake is the perception that the job is not important because it is not urgent. To succeed in time management you should not pass these work to the first cell by waiting for the last minute. The importance of the jobs in this cell is mentioned with examples at the end of this post.


3. Not Important but Urgent Jobs : These job assignments usually are aout of your control but the percentage of time that you will spend for these jobs are under your control. The reasons for considering these jobs as urgent are; “Not Saying ‘No’ “, “Not Planning” as mentioned above in the “Enemies of Time Planning”.


4. Not Urgent and Not Important Jobs : Generally these jobs do not contribute to you and your company. No time should be spend to these kinds of jobs if possible.

A good example for bad time management is about woodsman. A woodsman starts cutting trees with a speed of cutting 4 trees in an hour. But by the time passes his speed decreases to 1 tree in an hour. People are advising him to sharpen his axe. But his refuses to do that because he has no time for to sharpen the axe instead he prefers to more trees not to waste his time. In this case sharpening is a job that is placed in the second cell (Not urgent bu important job). Sharpening will gain him the infrastructure to work more effectively.

Taking a fast reading course to read more books is an important job which is not urgent. Almost all kind of education can be considered in this manner. Also taking little breaks while working on is another way of “sharpening the axe”. Spending optimum time for the jobs that are not urgent and important creates real positive differences.
But of course we should not skip the jobs in other cells. Consider the cells as stones, gravel, sand and water that must be placed in a jar. Fill the jar with the right order and scale to use the jar effectively. You cannot add any stone if you fill the jar with sand first. Determining your time management strategy and sticking to policy will add a lot value to you in every area of life.

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Karikatür – 02

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Karikatür – 01

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Project Management – Earned Value Management (A Simple Example)

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Earned Value Management (EVM or EVA) tracks how the project sticks the project plan in the scale of time and budget. To lie and give very optimistic answers like “Very well”, “we’re progressing through the plan”, “perfect” to the top management and sponsor who asks about the project is also a way. But this method may cause serious problems through the end of project. First of all we must admit the progress of to take the preventing actions.


We need 3 data to make Earned Value Analysis; “Planned Value”, “Actual Cost”, “Earned Value”. To explain these values i will keep my example very simple. Suppose that you have a square block of land. Your project is to turn fence to the edges of the land. You handshaked with a worker for 100$ per day and 4 days of work. Read more…

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Project Management Estimation Methods

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Estimation is a frequently occurring phenomenon in our everyday lives. When we leave home for the office in the morning, we roughly estimate the time it will take to reach the office. When we plan to make a business analysis presentation in a meeting, we estimate the time it will take to complete the presentation, perhaps including time for questions and answers as well. A Project Manager estimates the schedule and cost required to complete the projects according to specific requirements. The driver of a car moving at a specific speed encounters an object crossing the road and instantly estimates the time it will take the car to reach the point of intersection and then corrects the speed accordingly. In all these everyday situations, the estimating activity happens sometimes consciously and sometimes subconsciously. It remains for the user to determine the level of estimation accuracy needed, based on the criticality of the activity itself. Above all, the process of estimation itself is refined iteratively in each of the preceding situations, based on historic data or past experience.

The quality and accuracy of estimations in professional life affects the reputation and revenue of the company dramatically.  The predictions in project management is done on time and budget scale.   Of course these are all theoretical approaches.  In practical business life your boss usually does the estimation for you.  Your boss rescues you from this tiring ang boring process like declaring his/her detailed!!! estimation with “finish it by the end of this month” sentence. Read more…

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Project Management Estimation Methods – Top Down Estimation

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The Top-Down Method is useful for quickly estimating the total resources required for a project, and allocating this total to lower-level project activities. This gives initial estimates for each of the various activities or subsystems. These estimates may be sufficient for early planning. Top-Down Method may be used to estimate effort, cost, and schedule (or duration) for project tasks. It also may be used to estimate the project’s average staffing level and staffing profile (staffing as a function of time). The Top-Down Method estimates the total project effort by dividing the total estimated size by the productivity.


The Top-Down Method is a subsidiary technique. Once you have established a good overall estimate for the project, you sub-divide it down through the layers of the work breakdown structure, for example, development will be 50% of the total, testing will be 25% etc; then sub-divide development and testing into their components. Top-down budgets are often used by organizations that complete IT projects for other companies.


The problem with top-down estimates in the IT world, however, is that most IT projects have never been done before. Specifically, because IT changes so quickly and each environment is generally customized, top-down estimates are not as reliable or useable as bottom-up estimates.

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