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We usually complain about lack of time in worplace and in our social life. Time management doesn’t “give” you extra time, it does not increase your day to 30 hours, but it guides you to use your limited source (time) more effectively. Actually time is your most valuable asset (and it is free), you cnnot stock or reuse it for this reason this value must be consumed with a plan.

The Enemies of Time Management;

Postponing the work that you don’t want to do : Some work is not much fun to do, so these work is usualy postponed and never done.

Not Saying “No” : For not rejecting or not bargining on due date of any task leads you to work with over capacity and negatively effects your mid and long term work.

– Not Planning : Not scheduling current work with a logical way may effect the important work in a negative way.

– Working Without Goal : It willgive you an extra motivation to be aware of the gainings of your work for the company. If you cannot reach any information about the gaining you may order you a dessert or reward the ones who completed the work.

Grouping your work in Urgent / Important Matrix will help you give the deserved amout of time for your tasks.


1. Urgent and Important Jobs : Usually we spend most of our time for the jobs int this cell. Jobs that are assigned at the last minute, unplanned jobs paralell to the personal or corporate goals may be considered as urgent and important. Also if you start to work on an important and postponed job very near to due date, this job also takes place in this cell. So the amount of work in this cell is under your control.

2. Important Jobs that are not Urgent : Working for an exam that we will take ina a few months is an example for this kind of job. The biggest mistake is the perception that the job is not important because it is not urgent. To succeed in time management you should not pass these work to the first cell by waiting for the last minute. The importance of the jobs in this cell is mentioned with examples at the end of this post.


3. Not Important but Urgent Jobs : These job assignments usually are aout of your control but the percentage of time that you will spend for these jobs are under your control. The reasons for considering these jobs as urgent are; “Not Saying ‘No’ “, “Not Planning” as mentioned above in the “Enemies of Time Planning”.


4. Not Urgent and Not Important Jobs : Generally these jobs do not contribute to you and your company. No time should be spend to these kinds of jobs if possible.

A good example for bad time management is about woodsman. A woodsman starts cutting trees with a speed of cutting 4 trees in an hour. But by the time passes his speed decreases to 1 tree in an hour. People are advising him to sharpen his axe. But his refuses to do that because he has no time for to sharpen the axe instead he prefers to more trees not to waste his time. In this case sharpening is a job that is placed in the second cell (Not urgent bu important job). Sharpening will gain him the infrastructure to work more effectively.

Taking a fast reading course to read more books is an important job which is not urgent. Almost all kind of education can be considered in this manner. Also taking little breaks while working on is another way of “sharpening the axe”. Spending optimum time for the jobs that are not urgent and important creates real positive differences.
But of course we should not skip the jobs in other cells. Consider the cells as stones, gravel, sand and water that must be placed in a jar. Fill the jar with the right order and scale to use the jar effectively. You cannot add any stone if you fill the jar with sand first. Determining your time management strategy and sticking to policy will add a lot value to you in every area of life.

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