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You set up your web site, and your application to Google Adsense program has been approved.   So what do you do now?  Are you going to watch the increase of your wealth after you have added your Google Adsense code?  If this is your plan is, you can expect to wait for a long time for your income to increase at a satisfactory level.


So what else can we do? First of all, a bit to talk about how AdSense works. Google AdSense program allows you to publish ads on your page, so where the ads come from? These ads come from advertisers through the Google Adwords account.  Each ad is published by matching the advertisers’ keywords with the keywords determined in the publisher web site. For more detail you may review my post  “Effective Use of Google Adwords and SEM“.  For example, a company that sells sports equipment through Adwords ad sets keywords as  “sports”, “football”, “strip”, “cheapest”.   The cost of clicking tha ads vary according to their search frequency of keywords.  As the popular keywords cost more to the advertiser you earn more money as the publisher of the ads.


You published an article about football equipment which is appropriate to publish the ads for the sports equipment company that we mentioned above. If you choose the right keywords in your page you will have more chance to earn more from the click of the ad.  So, What are these keywords and how to choose them?

Although Google Adwords is a specific site for advertisers, it provides useful tools for Adsense Ad publishers.  To find the right keywords on Google Adwords click “Traffic Estimator” item under “Reporting and Tools” menu item. This report provides you the estimated cost per click (CPC) for the keywords you entered. Synonymous keywords you chose for the same content may change your income dramatically. Going through our example, the “lowest price” and “cheapest” keywords may not have much differences on the meaning, but they have a serious difference in the perception of Adsense.  Below you can see the estimate of traffic for each keyword. Click on image to enlarge. Before using this tool, “Locations” and “Languages” options is very important to be set as desired.


As in the report “cheapset” keyword serach count (30.400.000 search per month) is about 15 times of “lowest price” keyword.  People are looking for the “cheapest”, not the “lowest price”.   You can provide advantage from this density difference.  CPC  (Cost per click) for the keyword “cheapest” is more than 5 times of  CPC of “lowest price”.  In this case using “cheapest” keyword instead of “lowest price” for your post, will facilitate to find your site in Google searches and at the same time you will earn 5 times more as your ad click.

Two things to notice her are; you should not use unrelated keywords with your site just because they are expensive.  This misuse will be detected by Google  and also you will be publishing ads which your target segment (your visitors) are not interested in.  This case reduces your CTR (Click Through Rate) and the cause of thi is;  Google publishes cheaper keyword Adsense Ads in the sites which as lower CTR’s.   Also web sites with higher CTR will have chance to display ads which can be earned more from.   Increasing your CTR will give you the right to display more profitable Ads and you will earn more from the same one click of ad.

Abundant earnings…

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